HODA can count on its founders’ extensive experience at the highest levels of their profession. Specifically, experience gained in their previous professional roles by working for many years with all kinds of firms, media agencies and media owners, helping them to optimize their brand positioning, market segmentation, knowledge of consumers’ needs and expectations, and to plan their communication strategies.

For all of us at Hoda, the time has come to invest all this expertise in a completely new direction: building value for all by taking care of the interests shared by people and firms, meeting these as fully as possible and thus creating the ability to return value to individuals, both financially and in terms of the centrality of their role.

But first this value has to be generated, and this involves both technical and relational know-how. Hoda’s expertise and network of relationships allows us to create maximum value from this know-how and from the data we handle, and to operate effectively on the market, offering firms the very best methods and databases to optimize their marketing and communication strategies backed up by a holistic knowledge of their target consumers and markets and maximum modernity, flexibility and efficiency in their scientific and operational approach.

Data Investiment & Valorization

Data Integration & Activation