WEOPLE is the first investment bank for personal data built by people for people. It’s an app that aggregates web users with the aim of safeguarding and valorising their data for the benefit of all, turning the individual into an active protagonist, aware and remunerated.

Weople creates high quality Big Data in which information is linked directly to real data on individuals (and not only via cookies), and further enhanced by its interconnection via Lifekosmos.

Weople’s promise to its account holders:

  • free, zero-effort platform
  • return on the value generated by personal data in three ways: personalized remuneration, monthly prize draws and personalized offers and discounts; the value generated is used to cover Weople’s costs and 90% of the remainder is paid to account holders.
  • protection in the processing of personal data: anonymisation, aggregation, masking and data protection certification.
  • the opportunity to exercise the new rights granted by the GDPR regarding data portability and restrictions on the use of data by firms.